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Facebook Campaign Planner

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Facebook can be a powerful tool to help you develop your business. However, to achieve results, it is important to plan ahead.

This Facebook Campaign Planner consists of a Google Sheets file that includes all you need to plan your campaigns, ad groups and ads effectively and get the most out of Facebook!

It includes a campaign planner, where you can note down all campaigns you're running for each stage of the funnel and calculate campaign estimates. A content planner, that you can use to define and write copy for all your ads. And Facebook ad specs so you don't need to spend your time looking for the correct ad copy length or image sizes. 

This Facebook Campaign Planner template will help you: 

  • Align each of your campaigns with the stage of the funnel: awareness, consideration and conversion.

  • Define your audiences. 

  • Adapt ads copy to each audience and stage of the funnel. 

  • Easily share your plan with your team or agency.​

facebook campaign planner.png

Get Your Free Facebook Content Planner

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