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Reddit Ads Best Practices

Learn more about the front page of the internet in this post. Get to know some useful Reddit stats as well as Reddit Ads best practices.

When it comes to digital advertising, are Reddit ads worth it?

Reddit is a community-based platform where its users are more interested in information from other users, rather than branded content, which makes it a tricky platform for brands.

With 430 million monthly active users and more than 100K active communities, it's definitely a platform worth to consider.

In this article, we will cover:

What is Reddit?

Reddit Stats

How To Run Reddit Ads?

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a platform where every day millions of redditors (people who use Reddit) post, vote and comment in communities organised around their interests.

Each Reddit community, also known as subreddit, has a unique name preceded by "r/" which stands for Reddit. For example, the r/Sneakers community for sneaker lovers.

Redditors can share content by posting stories, links, images, and videos, as well as comment on posts.

Comments and posts can be upvoted or downvoted, this way the most interesting content rises to the top, so the front page is constantly updated.

Reddit Stats

  • Reddit has 430 million monthly active users. (Digital 2020 UK)

  • In the UK, 16% of internet users aged 16 to 64 use Reddit. (Digital 2020 UK)

  • More than 100K active communities. (Reddit Blog)

  • Gen Z makes up 26% of Redditors. (Reddit Blog)

  • Gen Z visits Reddit communities to learn about specific topics they’re interested in. (Reddit Blog)

  • 2019 was the year of beauty bloggers, "Wedit Planning" (wedding + Reddit) and skincare for self-care. (Reddit Blog)

  • 2 in 3 Gen Z users say if Redditors like a product, they’re more likely to purchase it. These are the top categories Gen Zers have purchased from because of Reddit: Gaming / Videogames, Clothing / Apparel, Entertainment / Media, Technology / Electronics and Beauty / Skincare / Personal Care. (Reddit Blog)

How To Run Reddit Ads?

1. Create a Reddit Campaign

Firstly, you need to set up your Reddit username and account, check Reddit's step by step guide on how to get started here: Create Account.

After that, you can start setting up your campaigns. Reddit ads is a pretty intuitive platform, click in "Create Campaign" in the top left corner to get started and choose your campaign objective, there are five campaign types available:

  1. Brand Awareness and Reach

  2. Traffic

  3. Conversions

  4. Video Views

  5. App Install

1. Brand Awareness & Reach Objective

Select this objective if you want to increase awareness of your brand, product or services and pay for CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

2. Traffic Objective

Select this objective if you want to drive traffic to your website and pay per CPC (cost per click).

3. Conversions Objective

For performance-based campaigns, if you're looking to drive sales or leads on your website. Bid type is also CPC.

4. Video Views Objective

Select this objective when you have a great video asset and would like to have the most views for your video as well as pay per CPV (cost per view).

5. App Install Objective

Select this objective if you are promoting your app and want to drive app installs, with this campaign objective you will pay per CPC.

2. Set Up Your Campaign Ad Groups

Secondly, at the Ad Group level, you will define your target audience, how much you would like to spend and your ads schedule.

Reddit Ads targeting options:

1. Locations

Target specific countries or DMA regions within the US, if you don't select any locations your ads will run worldwide.

2. Interests

Target users who have recently interacted with content around a particular interest. Currently, there are 15 interest categories available:

  • Animals & Pets

  • Art & Design

  • Automotive

  • Business & Finance

  • News & Education

  • Entertainment

  • Gaming

  • Style & Fashion

  • Food & Drink

  • Family & Relationships

  • Healthy Living

  • Sports

  • Technology & Computing

  • Television

  • Travel

3. Communities

Target users who have recently interacted with or are subscribed to a subreddit. Please note that not all subreddits are available to target. Factors such as subreddit size, brand safety and expected advertising demand will contribute to a subreddit being available or not.

Tip: to find out what are the most relevant subreddits for your products/services use the Reddit search bar on the homepage. Check the example below for sneakers:

Reddit Search Bar

Here at Strategy Pixel we also use Later for Reddit to discover additional subreddits. Following up on our example above, to find out if there are additional subreddits related to r/Sneakers, go to "Discover Subreddits", type "Sneakers" and click "Show Suggestions". As you can see below, we got 3 additional subreddits related to r/Sneakers.

Later For Reddit - Discover Subreddits

Reddit Ads Targeting Best Practices

  • Breakdown your targeted locations into different campaigns, this will help you understand which countries have the best performance, as well as comparing costs and adjusting bids.

  • The same applies to interests and communities, breakdown your targeted interests and subreddits into different ad groups, grouping it into categories that will facilitate your analysis and campaign optimisation.

  • Reddit recommends a minimum daily budget $50 per ad group, take this into consideration when creating your ad groups.

3. Create Your Reddit Ads

Lastly, you will define your ads. There are 3 types of ads available: text, link and video.

The "Brand Awareness and Reach" campaign objective can be used to create all 3 ad types: text, link and video. The remaining campaign objectives (Traffic, Conversions, App Install, Video Views) can be used to create 2 ad types: link and video.

Reddit Ads Specs:

  • Post Title: up to 300 characters.

  • Destination URL: your ad's landing page, can include a URL with UTM parameters. If you don't know what UTM parameters are, check our UTM Parameters Guide & Free UTM Builder.

  • Display URL: the website URL shown in the ad unit. Useful to show a shorter version of your URL when it is too large or have UTM parameters on it.

  • Card image: 1200x628px (3MB). Shows in the feed on platforms that support card view.

  • Thumbnail image: 400x300px (500KB). Shows on desktop and in compact view on mobile.

  • Call to Action: there are 14 available options: Download, Install, Shop Now, View More, Sign Up, Learn More, Contact Us, Get Showtimes, Get a Quote, See Menu, Apply Now, Watch Now and Play Now.

Reddit Ads Examples:

Card Image Example. Source: Reddit.
Thumbnail Image Example. Source: Reddit.

Additionally, you can check Reddit's Creative & Copy Best Practices for detailed information.

Important: adapting your creative and copy to each social media platform is important, but especially on Reddit. Remember, this is a user-driven platform where redditors want to ear from each other, not brands. Take the time to navigate through your targeted subreddits and read their content to get to know these communities, this will help you have a better understanding on how you can adapt your message to be relevant to your target audience. Follow the Reddiquette and speak Reddit's language by using Reddit's acronyms.


  • Reddit is a social media platform worth considering, especially if you want to reach the Gen Z users.

  • Do your targeting research before setting up a campaign: define interests and subreddits to target.

  • Follow Reddit ads best practices.

  • Be relevant! Adapt your creative and message to make sure you are relevant to the communities you are targeting.

Have you ever run campaigns on Reddit? We would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to share in the comment section below! Also, if you need help setting up your campaigns don't hesitate to reach out.

Also, if you would like to learn more about advertising in other social media channels, check our posts on Boosting eCommerce Sales With Facebook Ads and Your Guide to Pinterest Ads for eCommerce.


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